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GOLDINVEST is on board!

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Especially in such uncertain times on the markets you need reliable partners to navigate around all shoals. We are therefore very pleased to introduce GOLDINVEST to you.

More than just gold

The GOLDINVEST precious metals GmbH specialized in the selling of precious metals and high-quality collector coins. Thus, potential customers can purchase various precious metals as coins or bars. But that was by no means all. Beside an investment consultation within the range of the precious metals and the gold savings plan closely connected with it a further emphasis is the precious metal storage. Another exciting topic at GOLDINVEST is the investment in osmium. The GOLDINVEST is in addition the federation of Austrian coin dealers attached and has a location in Vienna in the Seilerstätte and one in Berlin at the Kurfürstendamm. Well, so much for the hard facts.

Invest in fairy dust?

Admittedly, it is not fairy dust. But because it sparkles and glitters, the comparison between osmium and fairy dust is perhaps not so far-fetched. And one or the other might even say that both are equally rare ;) But joking aside. Osmium doesn't mean much to you yet? Don't worry, we'll go into it a bit more soon and explain a few things about it. But this much in advance: decreasing production quantities and an incredibly rare occurrence in the earth's crust with increasing demand. Sounds exciting? It is. But especially when something is still so new and unknown, it is important to get the right advice. While waiting for our article here, it's best to already have a look around.

Always up to date

In the near future, the topic of precious metals will become more and more important for us on the blog. However, you will receive even more detailed information on the blog "Gold&mehr" of GOLDINVEST and in the context of the newsletter "Goldbrief". For example, the last Live Talk revolved around the topic of "Gold savings plan, save according to your needs!".

We are very proud to have a partner known and appreciated beyond the Austrian borders and are looking forward to the upcoming time.