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The portfolio is one of our centerpieces in the Rush app.

Users around the world can now track every move in terms of buying, selling, and transferring. Additionally, every user can join a global knowledge network dedicated to assets and investments.

The all-in-one solution: To keep track of all your investments, you no longer need to switch between different apps. Using Rush, you can track every existing asset.

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With just a few clicks, every user can enter all relevant data and thus keep an eye on every asset.

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About Rush

"Everyone should be able to fully track investments made."

With this motto in mind, Rush was created. Rush is the easiest place to keep track of your investments, no ifs, ands, or buts.

App Overview

  • assets

    Search Assets

    Using Rush, it will be possible to finally track all the assets currently existing and have a detailed overview of all your investments. You can now save yourself from jumping back and forth between different apps.

    You no longer need to remember countless access data and are also no longer forced to keep track of everything. One app with all the features. 

  • user profile

    Your Profile

    Every user has the possibility to create a personal profile. This contains the portfolio and the possibility to receive individual suggestions for investments according to the budget and risk tolerance.

    The profile can also be used to get in touch with other users and financial professionals to exchange thoughts about finances. It does not matter how much experience you already have. A vivid exchange thrives precisely on different experiences and a wide variety of knowledge.

    "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."
    Benjamin Franklin
  • notifications

    Always up to date

    According to your preferences, Rush regularly provides you with news about your communities, your investments and many other topics. But of course not unsolicited and only according to your preferences.

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    All in one

    It was especially important to us to design Rush in such a way that you can easily find your way around as a newcomer. But you as a professional should not be bored either. Our basic functions are therefore very easy to use and with a little practice, the foundation for becoming a financial professional is laid.

    Have you been with the old hands for a long time? No problem, you will find your way around much faster and experience a new form of luxury concerning your tracking tools.

The icing on the cake

Take a pinch of IT, a pinch of law, a good portion of motivation, and an infinite thirst for knowledge in finance. Mix it all with an ambitious team and off you go! Does that sound like a promising recipe? Admittedly, it wasn't quite that simple. But in the end, we are immensely proud to finally present "Rush" to you.

Sophia & Raphael

Founders of Rush

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions? No problem! To help you get answers quickly, we have included some of our FAQs here. If something is missing, please let us know. In any case, it will not stay too quiet here and we will keep adding input.

What is Rush?
"Everyone should be able to fully track investments made." With this motto in mind, Rush was created. Rush is the easiest place to keep track of your investments, no ifs, ands, or buts.
How do I download the Rush App?
At the moment we are still working day and night on the implementation of the app, which means you have to be patient a little longer. But don't worry, not for long. As soon as the app is ready, you can download it from all major stores.
What are the main features of the Rush App?
The Rush App allows you to keep track of all the assets you have invested in (sidenote: by all, we mean ALL). In addition, you become part of a worldwide knowledge network, so that you can exchange with everyone, from the financial beginner to the finance professional about all possible topics and you can learn together and with each other.
Where can I find the communities you always talk about?
It's simple: We have dedicated a part of the app to the communication of our users. Whether undisturbed in private chats, or large groups with lots of input. There is something exciting for everyone here!
Can I buy any assets with the Rush App?
The Rush app is designed to help you keep track of the investments you've already made and gain knowledge. This is what we have specialized in and this is what we will continue to do.
Do I have to pay to use the Rush app?
No. In a nutshell, no.

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